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Gay / Lesbian / Queer (LGBT) Dance Classes

Latin, Swing and Ballroom Dance Classes for LGBTQ Folks (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) and Friends!

Check out our incredibly fun and friendly LGBT same-sex dance classes primarily for lesbian, gay and queer folks, and also queer-friendly dance classes that are open to all, (welcoming but not exclusively same-sex oriented.) We have a 25+ year track record teaching dance in the LGBTQ community! We also teach beginner's dance lessons at the Swingtime monthly dances for GLBT folks in Brookline; (see right sidebar for details.) To see what other lesbian, gay, transgender and queer folks have said about our warm and welcoming GLBT dance classes, just scroll to the bottom of the page.

We were awarded an "A" rating and Super Service Award on Angie's List! (Only awarded to fewer than 5% of businesses.)

Current LGBT and Queer Dance Classes & Events:

  • LGBT dance classes: Wild Waltz at 6 pm, Cool Foxtrot Intermediate at 7, and Hot Cha Cha and Rhumba Party (3) at 8 pm. Scroll down for juicy details.
  • Queer-friendly Dance Classes for Everyone: Wedding Prep, Ballroom, Tango, Swing, Salsa, and more: Details here.
  • Dance Class Gifts: purchase a dance class as a gift and get our earlybird discount!
  • Beginner's LGBTQ dance lessons at Swingtime LGBT dances (usually 1st Sat. of every month, Oct.-June.) Click here (or see sidebar to right) for details.
  • Read our primer on GLBT Wedding First Dance Planning

Dancing With A Star: Chaz Bono and Liz Nania at the Copley Marriott in Boston.

LGBT Dance Classes

This is "the place" for dance lessons in Boston. Liz Nania is amazing and I'd give her 6 stars if I could. My partner and I started taking lessons this winter, and with Liz's help I've gone from avoiding the dance floor to looking forward to dance in just a few sessions. She is knowledgeable and patient, and focuses on what you are doing right before moving on to ideas to make you even better.

Her class is the perfect end/beginning to the work week, and it seems she also has a strange telekinetic ability to attract some of the nicest people I have ever met to her classes. :-) In addition, her rates are extremely affordable and she offers discounts for taking more than one class in a term. Timothy B., Dorchester, MA

Spring LGBT Dance Classes:

Wild Waltz Immersion: Sun. Apr. 17-June 19 , 8 classes, 6-7 pm; (no class 5/29,) West Roxbury School of Dance.

Instructor Liz Nania, Director of OUT to Dance. With its dramatic rolling style and romantic flavor, many consider the waltz to be the ultimate ballroom dance. Picture yourself dancing boldly and confidently to great music that runs the gamut from retro-ballroom style to R'n'B classics to cutting-edge pop, and more. Imagine immersing yourself in the elegance and the romance of waltzing; there's nothing like it! Your next night out dancing at any party or wedding will be so much more fun. No partner or experience necessary. (Note: this class is appropriate for novices with absolutely no experience, and also dancers who know a few waltz steps but want much more.) Treat yourself to some incredible fun, with a bonus of learning a lifetime skill.

If you need to miss any classes, you're entitled to one free drop-in class at any of our classes at your level. And no worries, we'll review every week in class. Our classes are well known for their friendly vibe and comfortable atmosphere.

Cha Cha & Rhumba Party: Beyond The Basics (3): Sun. Apr. 17-June 19 , 8 classes, 8-9 pm; (no class 5/29) West Roxbury School of Dance.

Instructor Liz Nania, Director of OUT to Dance. Let's get this party started! If you know cha cha and rhumba basics, you'll learn lots of exciting new moves in this fun class, and take your dancing to a whole new level. You know how many current popular tunes played at social events, clubs, parties and weddings are cha cha and rhumba rhythms. The versatility, fun, and ease of learning cha cha and rhumba together is unbeatable. Cha cha and rhumba are also regularly danced to contemporary non-Latin pop music as well, so you'll get to show off your dancing frequently.

This exhilarating class won't be offered again soon, so treat yourself. No partner necessary. Join us! (Add a second or third class to your dance night out and save $15 per class!) (If you're almost ready to join this class but you need to brush up on your dancing, call Liz to do a private lesson or two ASAP.)

Check out a list of some of our student comments. Or explore some of our students' fave cha cha and rhumba tunes.

(If you need to miss any classes, you are entitled to one free drop-in class at any of our classes at your level, this term or next.) And no worries, we'll review every week in class!

“I used to get the Sunday night heebie-jeebies before the work week. Now I look forward to dancing, laughing, moving, breathing – what could be better?” T. Tibbets, Jamaica Plain, MA

Cool Foxtrot Intermediate:
Sun. Apr. 17-June 12 , 8 classes, 7-8 pm; (no class 5/29) West Roxbury School of Dance.

Instructor Liz Nania, Director of OUT to Dance. Burn the floor and take your dancing to new heights! If you have some solid experience in foxtrot and want to gain mastery, this could be the most exciting class you've taken in years. Intermediate Foxtrot won't be offered again for quite awhile. (If you're almost ready to join this class, but you need to brush up your foxtrot, call Liz to do a private lesson or two ASAP.)

Imagine how joyful and confident you'll feel, mastering some really elegant and sophisticated moves in this amazing dance. No partner necessary. (Add a second or third class to your dance night out and save $15 per class.)

If you need to miss any classes, you are entitled to one free drop-in class at any of our classes at your level, this term or next. And no worries, we'll review every week in class! Beat the Sunday night blues and join us.

Liz is an exceptional dance instructor. She can turn the most skeptical "two left feeter" into a dancer in no time. Her ability to put you at ease is legendary. Her classes are always fun, educational and a great value. These classes are worth the drive from anywhere. Ciara Gogan, Quincy, MA

Check out some of our students' favorite foxtrot tunes here.

LGBT Monthly Dance Lessons for Beginners: by Liz Nania, director of OUT to Dance. 8-9 pm, first Sat. of every month, October thru June, at Swingtime in Brookline.

No partner needed, just drop in! Take a simple beginner dance lesson, meet some fun new people, then stay for two more hours of great dancing, with all kinds of music, for LGBT, queer folks and friends. Get lots more info here.

Gay-friendly Dance Classes: Join us Monday evenings for Tango, Swing, Ballroom, Salsa, and more, in West Roxbury.

Get all the juicy details on upcoming queer-friendly, LGBT-friendly classes, including wedding dance workshops, here.

Wedding Dance Classes & Creative Slow Dancing Workshops for Couples

See our full listing of wedding dance workshops, classes and private lessons. Join us for fun, convenient 3-class workshops, or our 1 1/2 hr. single class session. Makes a wonderful wedding gift! Or join us to master some basic couple dance techniques with your sweetie.

Join our monthly newsletter list for complete dance class schedules and discounts. (Specify LGBT Classes only, Classes for Everyone, or both.) And like us on Facebook.

What Makes Us Different

Besides incredibly fun, top quality dance classes for beginners and beyond, we're proud to offer some benefits that set us apart from other studios:

Free make-up class if you need to miss a class

Full 60-minute classes, with practice opportunities

Free parking, and T accessible

Super-friendly, comfortable atmosphere; stress-free, no attitudes :)

25+ years experience proudly teaching dance for the LGBT and queer community, (as well as for the rest of the world!)

Very affordable rates

Guaranteed value: learn to dance and love it, or take your class again for free!

OUT to Dance was awarded an "A" rating and Super Service Award from Angie's list (awarded to only 5% of businesses.)

We give back. OUT to Dance loves and values our community, and we are proud to sponsor some very special fundraising events for: Mass. Breast Cancer Coalition, A2 Empowerment, Franklin Park Coalition, the Dyke March, and a few more.

Save $15 Off Additional 8-Week Classes!

If you are going to be taking 2 or more 8-week dance classes in a term, (either LGBT or dance classes for everybody) receive $15.00 off your second (and/or third) class per person (not per couple) by checking the "Apply Second Class Discount" for the ADDITIONAL dance class(es) only! (Workshops excluded.) Plus, if you register for a dance class at least one week in advance, you will automatically receive an additional $10 discount per class!


Register and pay online using your credit card with PayPal, or mail a check payable to OUT to Dance at 6 Quarley Rd., Roslindale, MA, 02131.
Click the "Add to Cart" button above for automated online registration. If you encounter any difficulty, call us at 617-363-0029. No refunds after the first class, but you can transfer to any other class.

Dance Class Gifts:

There's nothing more fun or easy than giving the gift of dance! Get a colorful, personalized gift certificate for a dance class, wedding workshop, or private lessons. We'll mail or email it right away. Call us at 617-363-0029, 10-8 pm, or email liz@outtodance.com . It's a much-loved gift. Shop locally in our LGBTQ community!

Upcoming Classes and News

Sign up for our once-a-month email news and specify either LGBT classes, or both LGBTQ classes and Classes for Everybody.

Also, like us on Facebook for early previews.

We Are Award-Winning!

Liz Nania, director of OUT to Dance, was the recipient of the Lesbian and Gay Achievement Award at Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center for outstanding contributions to the health and well-being of the LGBT community outside the medical center. She received this award to honor her many years of groundbreaking work teaching and organizing dance for GLBT individuals.

Also, OUT to Dance got an "A" rating and Super Service Award on Angie's List, only awarded to 5% of businesses!

Gay, Lesbian and Queer Dance Class Students Say:

"I recall my well-meaning sisters scoffing when I said I was too embarrassed to take conventional dance classes. They didn't understand how it feels to be the only gay/ transgendered person in a room, especially in the traditionally gendered atmosphere of dance class. You were Fred or Ginger according to your birth certificate--period. OUT To Dance classes changed all of that for many people for the first time."

Kathleen A. Carbone, Somerville, MA

"Dave and I have been participating in dance classes for the past almost 3 years.  It is a real blast and a great way to spend a couple of hours on Sunday night.  We have made really amazing friendships there and the teacher, Liz Nania, is incredible.  It's a completely non-threatening environment and many of the people we have met there will be dear friends for a long time to come.  BTW, much of the music we learn to dance to are pieces heard in clubs today!  Yep, the sound may be different, but the beat is there.  It won't be long 'til we're featured on Dancing With The Stars!  Right!!"

Paul Weeks, Hudson, NH

“John and I have become totally addicted to these classes. It's a really fun date night out for us, and as a bonus, we've made some new friends. Who knew?"
John and Justin from the North Shore, MA

"I drive from Worcester to West Roxbury for these awesome classes, and my friend drives from New Hampshire. That says a lot about what a great time we have!"

Sherry P., Worcester, MA

“We felt totally comfortable dancing as partners in a dance class full of other same-sex dancers; what a relief. Plus, we made several new friends. What a blast!”
Denise and Pat, Cambridge, MA

"We were afraid the song we picked would be hard for us with four left feet. But, all it took was one lesson from you and our wedding dance was awesome. You helped calm our nerves by teaching us the basics like leading and following (who knew that two leads is one too many!). On the Big Day we remembered your instructions and we looked elegant. We even slipped in the twirls you taught us and people cheered! Thank you, Liz!"
Stephanie Higgins
Director of "The Gay Marriage Thing"
Belmont, MA

"What can we say – Liz made all of our wedding dance dreams come true!  We took salsa lessons with Liz several years ago and had a blast, so when it came time to think about our wedding dance, we knew just where to turn.  We couldn't have been more right.  As always, Liz was helpful, supportive, and so fun to work with! 

We were nervous about our dance, and wanted to show off our skills to our friends. From the first lesson, Liz helped us dance with ease, and encouraged us to just enjoy the dancing – not plan it or choreograph it, but to be sure the dance felt like us.  Those few weeks leading up to the wedding were stressful with other planning details, but going to dance lessons with Liz was truly the joy of those weeks, getting to spend time together, laughing, dancing and enjoying it all. 

When it came time for our wedding dance it was a piece of cake!  We were able to incorporate all of the steps she had taught us, had the confidence to keep our heads up and enjoy the moments, and really tune-in to one another.  It's now one of our favorite parts of both the planning and of our actual wedding day.

We continue to get comments about how great our dance was – what a self-esteem booster! People even sent us videos of our dance, which we were so grateful to have (we didn't hire a videographer). We watch them over and over, it brings us right back there.  We looked pretty good! :) Thanks Liz for making our first dance truly the best, and for helping us have the most fun and loving preparation.  We can't thank you enough!" Julie & Laura, Somerville, MA

Check out more of our current reviews.

Latin Dance Immersion: Salsa and More- near Puerto Vallarta with Liz, coming in Winter 2016-2017

Imagine the best vacation of your life: Latin dancing, art and cultural excursions in Mexico! Immerse yourself in the joys of Latin dancing at one of the most beautiful and arts-oriented locales in Latin America, Casa de los Artistas. Expect a sunny mid-70s to low 80s climate while dancing in the Casa open air studio overlooking the ocean, river and village. Dates and details to be posted later this year.

When joining our LGBT and queer dance classes or private lessons, note that our OUT to Dance studio locations in West Roxbury and Roslindale are within twenty minutes of downtown Boston, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park, Roxbury, Brighton, Allston, Brookline, Newton, Chestnut Hill, Dedham, Norwood, Needham, Westwood, Milton and Quincy; and within 25 to 35 minutes of Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Wellesley, Natick, Waltham, Braintree, Brockton, Stoughton, Canton, Foxboro, Weymouth and surrounding towns. We are also less than an hour from Providence, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Central Mass.




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