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Ballroom Dance Lessons

OUT to Dance offers ballroom dance classes and more at West Roxbury School of Dance: Want to try our dance classes? See our current class schedule under Classes for Everyone. And we have LGBT dance classes on Sundays.

Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Cha Cha, Rumba, Wedding Dance, and Nightclub Freestyle

At OUT to Dance you can learn a wide variety of dance styles, including ballroom, swing, lindy hop, west coast swing, salsa, merengue, two-step, nightclub frestyle dancing, or more. Scroll down for the ballroom styles we teach at OUT to Dance; for salsa dancing, Latin dance and country dance, click on the lavender line at top of this page. See our Group Dance Classes or for the upcoming class schedule, or look at the options we offer for Individual Dance Lessons.


Characterized by its rolling style and romantic flavor, the waltz first became fashionable in Vienna around the 1780s, spreading to many other countries in the years to follow. The waltz, and especially its closed dance position, became the example for the creation of many other ballroom dances. Subsequently, new types of waltz have developed, including many folk and several ballroom dances. For more info and some great waltz music for dancing, click below:

Learn more about the Waltz


A smooth American dance introduced to the public in 1913 by Harry Fox, noted for being the first dance to incorporate into the rhythm a combination of Slows and Quicks. Foxtrot is characterized by elegant walking-style movements danced to silky jazz tunes by artists including Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Tony Bennett, Harry Connick Jr., Michael Buble and the new crop of contemporary jazz artists. Foxtrot is one of the most elegant and sophisticated of the ballroom dances; think Fred and Ginger, top hats and tails! For more info and some foxtrot music for dancing, click below:

Learn more about the Foxtrot

Wedding Dance

Wedding dance is traditionally a slow, romantic dance with simple footwork, usually danced to the couple's first dance. Couples may choose a waltz, foxtrot, or any ballroom dance, but the most popular wedding dance is often called Slow Dancing or Schmooze Foxtrot, the simplest and most improvisational of the partner dances. Schmooze Foxtrot eliminates all counting and highly structured footwork, and instead focuses on the couple's connection, elegant spins, moving across the dance floor, and a playful and natural dance style. Schmooze foxtrot is the fun and easy dance for couples who want to learn to dance quickly, simply, naturally, and avoid the formal structure of other ballroom dances.

Learn more about the Wedding Dance


Tango is a dramatic, sensual social dance form that originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Originally danced frequently by same sex partners, (particularly men,) this smoldering dance is a dance with attitude! The most popular tango dance styles are the Argentine tango and the ballroom tango, often known as American or International Style; we teach ballroom style tango at OUT to Dance because of its clear simplicity, strong steady rhythm, and popularity in ballroom dance venues.

Learn more about the Tango

Cha Cha

An exciting, syncopated Latin dance of Cuban origin which originated in the 1950's, the Cha Cha gets its name and character from its distinct repetitive foot rhythm. It's playful and joyful and can be danced to a great variety of popular music, from Roy Orbison in the 50's to the Beatles in the 60s to Santana at the millenium. For more info and some cha cha music for dancing, click below:

Learn more about the Cha Cha


Often called the Dance of Love, rhumba is a slow- to medium-tempo Latin American dance of Cuban origin in 4/4 time, which is characterized by sensual and smooth movements, Latin-style hip motion, and an elegant and flirtatious interplay between partners. For more info and rumba music for dancing, click on this link:

Learn more about the Rhumba

Nightclub Freestyle Dancing

"Just loosen up!" your friends tell you. Well, loosen up and then do what? If you feel extremely awkward when faced with a dance opportunity in a club, party, or social event, you can find relief in just one private lesson in club dancing. This is the informal, popular dance where you're not touching your partner, just boogeying freely-- (or not so freely, if you're currently feeling really dorky!) You won't learn anything fancy, but you will learn the simplest basics of shifting weight, arm and hand placement, and moving to the rhythm. After a one-hour lesson, you'll have the skills to finally relax, break the ice and get out there and party, and you'll know you look just fine. You're encouraged to bring a CD or iPod with a couple of your favorite tunes, (since one of the secrets to good freestyle dancing is liking the music,) or just enjoy some mainstream party music we provide. (If you feel your dancing just looks lackluster or boring, this is definitely not the lesson for you; take one of our hip hop classes for some fun new movements.)

When joining our ballroom dance classes, note that our OUT to Dance studio locations, West Roxbury and Roslindale, MA, are within twenty minutes of downtown Boston, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park, Brighton, Allston, Brookline, Newton, Chestnut Hill, Dedham, Norwood, Needham, Westwood, Milton and Quincy; and within 25 to 35 minutes of Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Wellesley, Natick, Waltham, Braintree, Brockton, Stoughton, Canton, Foxboro, Weymouth and surrounding towns. We are also less than an hour from Providence, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.


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10 of Boston DJ Shelly Cullen's crowd-pleasing favorite dance songs from the last 10 years: (visit her at www.shellycullen.com)

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