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Private Dance Lessons

Online and in-person

We're booking private dance lessons in-person and online for slots in September and later, for two to ten people.

COVID safety and requirements: For in-person dancing, everyone must show proof of vaccination, including booster, and wear a well-fitting mask, (KN95 masks preferred); all dance couples will be 6 feet from each other. If anyone in your dance lesson has any cold or Covid symptoms, even if mild, or recent possible exposure, please reschedule your lesson with no penalty.

Online lessons also available.

To book a lesson, just email: liz <at> outtodance.com. Or call us between 10 am - 8 pm at 617-363-0029. Stay safe and dance on!

  • With our discounted rates for multiple lessons plus our 20 years experience, we believe we are the best deal in town. We offer the best multiple lesson rates in the Greater Boston area, with a highly experienced instructor.
  • Our private dance lessons are one full hour sessions, not 45 or 50 minutes as in many other studios.
  • Unlike many other studios, you will be in a genuinely private setting with only you and your instructor(s) and your music, not in a large room with other private lessons happening in the same room at the same time.
  • You will focus only on the dances you want to learn.
  • Nightclub dancing (freestyle) instruction is available for folks who feel awkward dancing in club and party settings; (scroll down for info.)

Private Dance Lessons for Two People:

Cancellations: Please give us 48 hours notice by phone if you need to cancel your lesson; but if you have any symptoms of a cold or Covid, or a recent potential exposure, cancel at any time with no penalty. See Covid protocol above.

  • 2 people, one hour lesson:
  • 2 people, three (1 hour) lessons :
    $285; ($95 per lesson;) save $15.
  • 2 people, five (1 hour) lessons :
    $450; ($90 per lesson;) save $50.

Private Lessons for 4-8 People:

  • 4-10 people: One hour lesson, $45 per person.
  • 4-10 people: Three (one hour) lessons, $40 per person. (Save $15 per person.)
  • 4-10 people: Five (one hour) lessons, $35 per person. (Save $50 per person.)
  • (When COVID restrictions end, we'll teach 12 or more people: $30 per person)

See our Semi-Private Dance Lessons page for private lessons for four or more people.

Your Best Dance Ever: a fun 3-session semi-private workshop on creative wedding dancing; this workshop will return in 2023.

Create your beautiful first dance in just 3 weeks! You'll look forward to Wednesday nights and your first wedding dance once you experience this fun, amazingly informative and exciting semi-private workshop. Bring your slow or mid-tempo song (or songs) in any genre; any kind of music is danceable! Join us for three sessions in our Roslindale studio. You'll leave with a believable personalized dance, uniquely yours, ready for the big day! (Hint: no memorized choreography necessary: you'll leave with a toolbox of natural well-executed movements and spins, initiated by your new leading and following dance skills.) Absolutely no dance experience needed. Space is limited from two to four couples; register early to avoid disappointment. See our Wedding Dance page for dates.

"Eleven Dates" Dance Package

...a romantic stress-reliever! Learn to dance confidently while enjoying eleven fun dance nights out with your sweetheart. Choose one eight-week group dance class on Monday nights, and schedule two one-hour private dance lessons at your convenience, plus a one-and-a-half hour wedding dance workshop, (or three private lessons and an eight-week class.) Eleven and a half hours of dancing and romancing, (not to mention tremendous learning!) for you and your partner for $450 per couple; that saves you $90 off individually priced lessons and classes. Then check out our Date Night suggestions for local cozy places to eat and drink after your dance lesson. :) Sign up here.

OUT to Dance at the Wedding: a 1 1/2 hour workshop on creative slow-to-mid-tempo dancing in our Roslindale studio. Click here for dates! Returning in 2023!

Nightclub Freestyle Dancing

If you feel exceedingly awkward when faced with a dance opportunity in a club, party, wedding or social event, you can find relief in just one private lesson in club dancing, (sometimes known as "fast dancing.") This is the informal kind of dancing where you're not touching your partner, just boogieing freely-- or not so freely, if you're currently feeling pretty dorky! You'll learn how to find the beat, how to get the very simplest basics of shifting weight, and what to do with your feet and arms. After a one-hour lesson, you'll have the skills to finally break the ice and get out there and party; all you'll need to do is go home and practice a couple times. You won't be memorizing any patterns; you'll be learning some very simple, natural movements where you can blend in with the dancing crowd, gain confidence, feel relaxed, and have fun. We offer Nightclub Freestyle Dancing only as a one-hour private lesson. That's all you'll need!

How will you know if this freestyle private lesson is right for you? If you do not dance at all at parties, weddings or clubs; or if you dance a little, but get little or no fun from it, and feel very self-conscious or awkward at all times, then this lesson will be helpful. (If you're someone who already has fun dancing but just wants some fancier moves, I suggest taking a hip hop, belly dance or salsa dance class for some inspiration.)

Private Lessons For Your Wedding First Dance

How many lessons will you need? It widely varies as to the number of lessons couples decide they need in order to feel comfortable and look good for their first dance. If learning to dance to your first song is your only goal, and that's the only song or type of music you need to learn to dance to, three hours of lessons will definitely do it, five hours will have you highly polished, and one or two hours can also be enough to have some fun and master the basics. It depends on how smooth and polished you want to be, and how relaxed and/or experienced you and your partner already are when dancing together at this point in time.

What style of dance should you learn? Very slow-tempo songs (i.e. "At Last" by Etta James) will require you to learn a mellow slow dancing technique, sometimes called "schmooze foxtrot". If your song is not that slow, perhaps more mid-tempo as in "It Had to Be You" or one of the Sinatra-style tunes, you may want to learn foxtrot, a classic ballroom dance which is a bit more structured than slow dance/schmooze foxtrot. (We don't recommend choreographing a "routine"; that is tremendously time-consuming and usually ends up looking stiff and unnatural. We won't allow you to end up dancing robotically while moving your lips, resembling a deer in the headlights, as your guests look on with morbid fascination.)

Can you dance to something really different? Absolutely! We guarantee you: if it has a beat, we can teach you to dance to it. Your first dance is a unique expression of you, and you never have to try to fit any mold.


Student Testimonial

"We had the most wonderful time; never having taken partner dance lessons you immediately made us feel comfortable and excited. We had such a great time learning swing, and as two teachers we couldn’t stop raving about what a great teacher you are and how wonderful your style was. "
Sharon L., Braintree, MA

I dreaded having to dance at my wedding; now I'm actually excited about it. Unbelievable. Jason K., Boston, MA

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When booking private dance lessons at the OUT to Dance studio, you'll be going to our Roslindale studio, which is within twenty minutes of downtown Boston, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park, Brighton, Allston, Brookline, Newton, Chestnut Hill, Dedham, Norwood, Needham, Westwood, Milton and Quincy; and within 25 to 35 minutes of Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Wellesley, Natick, Waltham, Braintree, Brockton, Stoughton, Canton, Foxboro, Weymouth and surrounding towns. We are also less than an hour from Providence, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

OUT to Dance
at the Wedding
: our 1 1/2 hour workshop:

Your Best Dance Ever: a fun 3-session semi-private workshop on creative wedding dancing.

Master the skills and confidence to dance your first dance of your wedding, or any slow to mid-tempo song, with grace and simplicity. Bring your song! You'll learn creative slow dancing/schmooze foxtrot, (an improvisational ballroom dance,) enough to allow you to look and feel natural and spontaneous; you'll learn the secrets of leading and following smoothly; you'll experience the fun and romance of partner dancing, and you'll leave with a sense of relief and triumph, (and a surprising desire to hit the nearest dance floor as soon as possible!)
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